Day 3 and I’m Not Dead Yet

Before I begin, I spent $37 at my favorite international grocery store.  That leaves $108 left in my monthly budget and it’s only the fourth.  I will either rethink the spending goal or go realllllllly cheap at the end.  We’ll see.

Yesterday I woke up later than usual, feeling achy and sluggish.  It could have been from working outside in the heat the day prior, or carb flu.  I did not expect any carb flu symptoms since I avoid starchy foods even when I’m not doing a Whole30, but something was not right.  I even skipped my workout.

So here’s what I ate on day 3.

Breakfast: This blueberry omelette with some cherry tomatoes from the garden, iced coffee with coconut milk.


I’m jumping on this fruit and eggs bandwagon.  It’s just sweet enough to make my mouth happy without making me crave more sugar.  It reminded me of blueberry French toast.  It’s a repeater.


I packed a lunch of and Aidell’s chicken sausage, leftover cucumber and tomato salad, and some strawberries.


I also packed bananas for Hubs and I in case I got hungry later.  I did.  In fact, I ate both bananas and parts of his lunch.  I will pack bigger meals with less fruit going forward.

Dinner was these Cuban meatballs with a mug of zucchini soup.  No picture of the soup because it’s ugly and tastes like diet food.  It does not taste bad, but I can taste a lack of calories.


I subbed the raisins for chopped unsulphured dried apricots.  I thought the combination of ground beef, green olives and apricots was delicious.  Hubs disagreed and even called them offputting.  Wow.  I was not in love with slivered almonds in meatballs, but they were okay.  I probably will not make these again since Hubs disliked them so passionately and I have to share my food with him.  But if you want to try them, consider leaving out the almonds.

Last night I felt the sugar dragon roar at me quietly as I settled down to watch Breaking Bad on Netflix.  I asked myself 200 times if I was hungry enough to have more zucchini soup, and 200 times the answer was no .  Even though I seldom eat processed sugar, I realized I eat a lot more fruit at night than I thought I did.  Whole30 insight gained!  I actually ate dinner and had nothing else to eat before I went to bed.  *pats self on back*


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