Day 5 and no Desire to Quit

Happy 5th of July hangover!  Oh wait, I don’t have a hangover.

Last night Hubs was stuck at work until almost 8:00 pm and we had planned to grill steaks to celebrate the fourth.  I got home around 6:30 feeling hungry and moments away from hangry.  I knew better than to wait so I scarfed down a salad with lettuce and tomatoes from the garden, a palmful of raw sunflower seeds, blueberries and homemade pesto mayo.  I discovered blueberries, tomatoes and basil is a delicious combo.  Who knew.  Or maybe I was just that hungry.

I got the coals going when Hubs finally let me know he was heading home and then he texted me asking if I’d have a beer with him.  Nope.  During dinner he asked me several more times if I’d have a beer with him.  Again, nope.  Then I told him I won’t have a drink on our anniversary, which will fall on day 22.  I will not have a drink on my 40th birthday, which will fall on day 26.  He was not happy with me.  But seriously, I’m going to be 40, not 22.  I specifically carved out this month for a Whole30 to give myself the best birthday present I can. I am gifting myself better health, more energy, and frankly, killer abs and butt.  My butt does not have to look like it was born in 1974.

But this is a blog about food, not butts.  Earlier in the day I got two steaks marinating in this delicious marinade.  I think the steaks were sirloin.  I got 6 big ones at Costco for about $18.  For steak, I think that’s pretty cheap.  Making the marinade, I swapped soy for coconut aminos, skipped the red pepper because Hubs doesn’t like heat, and I subbed white pepper for black.   I skipped the worcestershire completely because the bottle in my fridge has corn syrup and a host of other non-compliant ingredients.  I also used avocado oil instead of olive and 3 smashed cloves of fresh garlic instead of powder.  I didn’t have parsley and I just threw in a few palmfuls of dried oregano and basil.  Ok, I completely re-invented steak marinade.  Link serves to see measurements of the lemon juice, dark salty sauce and oil.  I actually did measure those.

I let the cow slices take the briny, acidy bath in the fridge for about 6 hours.  Then I let them come to room temperature, still in the bath, when I lit the coals.  The steaks did look slightly “cooked” from the lemon, as expected.

I grilled the steaks for 4 minutes on each side and then immediately wrapped them tightly in foil and let them hang out on the patio table for about 20 minutes.  Then I grilled some zucchini, yellow squash and eggplant from the garden.  I used the leftover wing dipping sauce I made earlier in the week.  I only had a little, so its onl purpose was to keep the veg from sticking to the grill.  Garden veg that came just out of the dirt requires little seasoning.

Then I grilled two peaches.  Earlier in the day I sliced the peaches in half, removed the pits and sprinkled them with ground cinnamon and ginger.  I also put a dab of ghee in the “pit holes.”  I don’t know if seasoning them early made a difference, but it certainly did not hurt.  I grilled them for 3 minutes on each side and then additional 2 minutes on each side.

Sweet Baby Jesus, that was one outstanding 4th of July meal.  The steaks were wonderfully seared on the outside and pink on the inside.  The marinade was dark and savory without being too salty.  (Suck it, worcestershire.)

Have you ever grilled a peach?  I’m an educated lady with a pretty good vocabulary, but the only words that can describe it are oh emm gee.  It packs a huge wallop of that singular peachy flavor and then a hit of intense sweetness with the ginger and cinnamon spice mixing together like falling in love.  Oh emm gee.

I mentioned at the end of the meal that I did not miss potato salad, cake or any typical picnic foods.  Even though Hubs washed his down with 3 bottles of Fat Tire and didn’t touch the veg or fruit, he agreed that may have been the best steak he ever had.  It made me want to slap my mom.  It made me want to slap Ruth’s Chris, even though I’ve never been to Ruth’s Chris.  Ruth’s Chris could not possibly be as good as what came off my grill last night.

Excuse the quality of the picture, it was dark by the time we got to eat.


After dinner we went to our friends’ house to watch their neighbors’ fireworks and light sparklers with their kids.  We did not even go inside so there was no food involved.  Perfect.

Breakfast this morning was the leftover peach and grilled veg, 3 meatballs and and avocado half.  I am determined to get through my workout without feeling hungry and make it to my post-workout meal without snacking.

Lunch is going to be an unexciting combination of leftover soup, salad and the end of the Cuban meatballs.

For dinner I am planning to make a chicken variation of tacos al pastor with cauliflower tortillas.  Cauliflower tortillas are probably SWYPO, but if zucchini noodles are acceptable, cauliflower tortillas should be fine too.  The recipe I saw has two ingredients:  cauliflower and eggs.

Come back tomorrow for a review of my chicken tacos.  Will a zesty combination of pineapple, cilantro and chicken play nicely with a cruciferously-crafted vehicle?  Will they become mortal enemies sworn to be served on separate plates at separate subsequent meals?  Sorry, you will have to wait to find out.



2 thoughts on “Day 5 and no Desire to Quit

  1. Hi! I started my Whole 30 on the 3rd and found your blog through your comment on the blueberry/egg recipe site. Sounds like you’re doing great! You’re making me regret skipping the peaches at the farmer’s market!

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