Day 6 and a Broken Promise

*hanging head in shame*

I have no review to offer of the chicken tacos al pastor with cauliflower tortillas because I did not make the tortillas.  Bad blogger.

I re-read the taco recipe and realized the meat had to marinate, so we ended up having it for lunch today instead of dinner last night.  It was worth the wait. I will get to that in a sec.

Thanks to Hurricane Arthur miles away, we experienced the best July weather I have ever known in Charlotte.  My workout was an outdoor Yoga class, which is blissful even when I have a body full of junk.  But eating a huge, veggie-packed breakfast 2 hours before working out made it even better.  For the first time this week I didn’t get hungry while exercising.

Because we didn’t have chicken tacos al pastor for dinner, I ended up grilling foil packs of salmon and brussles sprouts with orange slices and ghee.  It was simple, easy to prepare and clean up, and I got to play with fire.  I grilled them for 7 minutes.  Then swapped where they were on the grill (in case one side was hotter than the other) and let the foil packs cook for another 7 minutes.  It was perfect grilling time for baby cabbages, but too long for salmon.  But that’s okay.  The star of the show was the orange slices, which added the perfect amount of acid and sweet to the dish.  I served the foil packs with this berry salad.  I didn’t measure the lettuce or berries and skipped the raspberries because I didn’t have any.  I forgot to add the mustard to the dressing, but I probably did not miss it either because I found it a little sour.  I did, however, love the coconut flavor in a salad dressing and may play around with that.  The dressing did not stick to the leaves, which I may attempt to fix if I make it again.

My belly was happy that evening, and for the first time I felt no desire to grab some fruit while watching Breaking Bad.

I had volunteer duties at church at 7:30 this morning, so I went ahead and got my breakfast ready before bed.  I packed the leftover berry salad with 2 hard-boiled eggs.  I also planned to put an avocado half in the salad too.  Well, sleep won and I got up 30 minutes later than I wanted.  I packed the salad with me and snarfed down my coffee and a banana while driving.  Bad girl.  I ate the salad later and discovered salad for breakfast really is awesome.  If you are hesitant to try it like I was, try it.  I spent too long thinking the only way I could stomach greens for breakfast is in a smoothie or spinach omelette.  I was wrong.

This morning I also got the marinated chicken going in the Crock Pot so we could could come home to chicken tacos.

I don’t use the Crock Pot much in the summer, but this meal made me want to reconsider.  I followed the recipe for the marinade (see link above) except I skipped the oregano and added 1/2 bunch of cilantro to the blender mix.  As much as I wanted something spicy, I knew Hubs wouldn’t eat it, so I used 2 guajillo peppers with the seeds removed.  I halved the recipe for the marinade and used just over one pound of meat instead of 3, and chicken thighs instead of pork.

When I got home the house didn’t smell like heaven as expected.  It smelled like chicken.  I tasted the sauce and found it a little bit boring.  But the pineapple did its job breaking down the protein, resulting in soft, stewy and but dry chicken that required almost no shredding.  It fell apart on its own.  I served the thighs with the pineapple, cilantro and onion salsa, garnished with avocado and lime wedges.  The chicken may have been boring on its own, but the whole thing together was like a taco truck explosion.  Hubs and I ate all the chicken; we just kept piling our plates with lettuce roll-ups filled with chicken and pineapple.

This is a pretty picture of my plate before we went crazy.

2014-07-06 13.35.20

 Know what?  I don’t feel bad about not making the cauliflower tortillas anymore because I really liked the lettuce wraps.

I am planning dinner around the leftover pineapple salsa, so I’m thinking it will be plantains with scrambled eggs.  I also didn’t defrost any protein for dinner because I thought the chicken would last more than one meal.

So what is your favorite way to use a head of cauliflower?  Should I make rice, cauli mash or tortillas?  I make a killer cauli mac’n cheese, but I’m on day 6 and not feeling like starting over just so I can have some cheese.  No thanks.



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