Day 7: Taco Monday

It finally happened.

I woke up and said, “eggs again, ugggh.”

Unwilling to make another omelette yet unable to get the phrase start with protein out of my head, I committed a brazen act of SWYPO.  I made banana-egg pancakes.  I used two eggs, one banana and a small handful of cashew flour, seasoned with ground ginger and cinnamon.  I may or may not have eaten the first batch right out of the frying pan with my hands.  A few made it to a plate at the end.  I ate those (no toppings) next to another plate with an avocado half and a bunch of cherry tomatoes from the garden.  The veggies happened because another phrase I couldn’t get out of my head was fill the rest of your plate with vegetables.

I understand and mostly agree with the SWYPO argument.  But I am allowing myself to eat banana-egg pancakes for the following reasons:

  • They don’t taste like pancakes.
  • I don’t have an emotional attachment to pancakes.
  • They’re better than plain eggs next to a plain banana.

No picture, because that was a weird breakfast.  I am a little embarrassed about sharing.

I went to a Tabata class two hours after breakfast and felt fine.  Tabata is boring.

I had the last of my post-workout egg white, sweet potato and mango concoction when I got home.  This means I get to make more tomorrow.  I have some ideas brewing.  Hmmmmmm.

Lunch was some uneventful chicken salad lettuce wraps and some cherries on the side.  I admit I snarfed down a banana around 4 pm because I was hungry.

Dinner was neither weird or uneventful.  It was the shizz.  I finally made cauliflower tortillas and we had a Whole30 taco party.

I prepped everything in the morning because I am hot, tired and dirty when I get home from work.  I just want to come home and eat.

Making the tortillas was a bit of work, and since there are only two ingredients, I wasn’t able to experiment much.  All I did was add salt.  The process is really messy too, mostly because I’m impatient and didn’t let steamed cauliflower crumbles cool before squeezing out the water.  Those little crumbs landed all over my kitchen, and the dogs were not interested in helping me get them off the floor.

I used a silicone mold to shape the tortillas in circles.  Fresh out of the oven and chillin’ on my makeshift cooling rack, they looked like this.

2014-07-07 10.01.18

They were pretty, but they didn’t bend like a tortilla.  I think I made them too thick.  Since I have leftover cauliflower mash and more meat, I am going to make them thinner tomorrow.

Next I browned some grass-fed ground beef with an onion, garlic, coriander, chili powder, lots of cumin, tomato paste, S&P.

So dinner could land on the table as soon as we got home, I prepped the toppings early this morning: cilantro leaves, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, diced jalapeño, lime wedges and olives.  At the last minute I added an avocado and cucumber.  Check out my table.


I used to love going to this little restaurant I won’t name, but translates into English as Fifth of May.  Fifth of May can suck it.  These were Seventh of July tacos and they tasted better.

The cauli tortillas did not taste like cauliflower or eggs.  They didn’t taste like wheat or corn either, but they were a delightful, non-descript but visually appealing base for the mountain of meat and veggies I piled on top.  They required a fork since they were delicate and failed as hand food.  Hubs said described them as potatoey and slightly bready.  I just thought they were good.

Make them for yourself and agree with us when you do.





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