Day 9: Ground Beef and Eggs do Not Mix

As someone who is blogging 3 meals each day for 30 days, I did not do a great job today eating blog-worthy food.  But to hold myself accountable, here goes.

Hubs wanted breakfast, so I made him an omelette.  Not thinking this through, I added some spinach and leftover taco meat.  He liked it, so I made one for myself.  Does it sound gross?  It is!  Blech.  Good thing I was hungry.

I wanted to get a jump on my day so I didn’t have anything else for breakfast other than a cup of coffee with coconut milk.

I said I wouldn’t talk about my workouts anymore, but who led the pack running the stairs?  Who grabbed the usual set of weights and then went for heavier ones over and over?  I felt great this morning!

Post-workout I had the rest of my sweet potato and egg white stuff, which tasted delicious but was liquidy like a smoothie.  It tasted like pie but it was drinkable.  I am understanding more and more why drinking meals is not W30 compliant.  Chewing = awareness of what I’m eating.  I have sweet potatoes in the oven right now for my next attempt.

For lunch I had a small serving of chicken salad over spinach leaves and some cherries.  I knew it wasn’t enough but I was ready to step away from the table and could not think of anything else I wanted.  HUGE mistake.  Hangry hit me like a ton of bricks while I was out doing errands.  I went to IKEA and walked that whole stupid IKEA maze when what I needed was downstairs.  I could have skipped that whole stupid IKEA maze and not dealt with couples with kids taking up the whole aisle, slow old people and screaming kids.  (This is hangry me talking.)  Ohhh, and the lines.  I got behind two ladies with $600 of crap.  I had $20 of crap.  They couldn’t let me in front?  And did you know, cafeteria excluded, there is not ONE compliant item in IKEA food?  Rows of candy bars, lingonberry jam and no almonds?

I had to buy groceries and I was hangry.  The closest store was a fancy-pants one I generally avoid, but hangry was winning.  I stopped at the Starbucks inside the store to get a snack so I wouldn’t eat an employee, or yell at one.  I found some freeze-dried fruit (tasted like the wrapper), a bag of almonds and some iced tea.  I snarfed down my $7 snack in the produce section of the store while shoppers looked at me funny.  Lesson learned: eat a better lunch.

Tonight was sushi-practice night and I was excited to start when I got home and felt like myself again.  I found the recipe for W30-compliant sushi here.  Check out this blog by Melissa Joulwan.  I love it.  Buy her cookbooks Well Fed, which is where I found the recipe first.  Develop a girl crush on Melicious.  I have one.

First I prepped my ingredients, shrimp, pineapple, jicama, cucumber and avocado.  Check out my great start.


I said a little prayer, set out the bamboo mat and made the first roll.  It didn’t seem thick enough, so I decided to add more stuff to the next one.  But I had to cut the roll first.  Have you ever cut a sushi roll?  FAIL.  I made another roll that was only slightly better than the first one.  While stashing the evidence in my belly I googled how to cut sushi.  Not much help, but my mouth did not care that my eyes thought the rolls were ugly.  Yum!  Fruity, salty, seaweedy, creamy goodness.

After two fails that landed in my belly and no more shrimp after the 3rd roll, I made this plate for my Hubs.


I will either let Hubs cut these himself, or we can have a big laugh at me making a mess of these.

Having a snack while shopping messed me up for the rest of the day.  It’s like when you’re out having beers with your friends and going for that first pee.  After that you’re back in the ladies every 30 minutes.  I could not stop snacking.  My so-called dinner was two failed sushi rolls and the leftover veggies, nothing on a plate.  I polished off my bag of cherries while reading.  I’m not hungry but I don’t feel like I ate anything.  I’m not calling this a fail; I’m calling it awareness.  I am better when I put all my food on a plate before I eat.  New Rule.



3 thoughts on “Day 9: Ground Beef and Eggs do Not Mix

  1. Thanks for the shoutout. You sushi looks pretty darn good! I find it impossible not to shove the sushi in my mouth while I’m cutting it, so you’re not alone there. The secret to clean cuts is a VERY sharp knife. Happy cooking!

    • Holy smokes, a comment from Melissa! *swoon*

      When my hubs got home I challenged him to cut those rolls. He couldn’t do it either so he ended up eating them whole like a burrito. He LOVED them.

      I started shopping for sushi knives on Amazon…..

      But I really want to make these again, like, tonight. I’m thinking I could do hand rolls. I want to cut the nori sheets in half, diagonally, like a sandwich. Then add all the ingredients and roll it up in a cone.

      My mangos will not ripen and I’m out of pineapple, so I am going to use peaches.

      Thanks so much for the comment!

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