Day 11, Three Meals on a Plate

One thing I’ve discovered during my second Whole30 is the value of putting food on a plate and sitting down to eat.  Even though I am only working part time these days and have few other responsibilities, it’s harder than it sounds.

Recap of day 11:

  • Three meals on a plate!
  • No snacks!
  • No TV or phone while eating!
  • I overuse exclamation points!

Breakfast:  an uninspired zucchini omelette with bulletproof coffee.

2014-07-11 23.04.21

I woke up with raging PMS.  TMI?  Well this is my Whole30 journal and that’s what happened.  Even in the midst of hating the whole world, I started to think about doing a Whole60 to see if those symptoms go away next cycle.  Part of me was disappointed that 11 days of near-perfect eating did not prevent the aches, fatigue and bad mood.  The logical side reminded me that 11 days is not enough time to achieve hormonal balance.

I was so grumpy I didn’t even want to cook breakfast.  But I made myself crack a few eggs and grab my cute little omelette pan.  I had a zucchini from the garden laying on the counter so I sliced it up while a super-bitchy voice played start with protein and fill your plate with veggies on repeat.  I was so mad at that voice I didn’t saute the zuke first and told myself this omelette was gonna suck.  It did.  It was runny in the middle, the zucchini slices were too crunchy and thank God I had the appetite that comes with those lady symptoms we’re not supposed to discuss.

The bulletproof coffee was awesome, though.  I used ghee instead of butter and backed it down to 1 teaspoon. Why have I not bothered until today?  Yum!  It is super easy to throw it all in a Ninja smoothie cup and whizz for 5 seconds.

The idea of packing a lunch made me want to run back under the covers, so I did this for Hubs and I.  It took maybe one minute.

2014-07-11 23.03.09

A big pile of super greens for us to share and avo for us to split, 2 cans of soy-free tuna, the rest of my current bag of cherries, a salt grinder, two tiny Tupperwares of avo oil with lemon juice and a can opener.  No pretty bento boxes for us.

Work was more physically challenging than usual.  We did some landscaping in front of the shop before I resumed my normal duties.  Know what cures the PMS?  Exercise.  I was soaked through to my undies and covered in dirt but I felt like myself on the inside.

Hubs decided he was too overheated to eat lunch.  I was starving.  I ate the whole bowl of greens, my can of tuna, one container of dressing and the whole avo.  I stopped at one handful of fruit.  It was totally uninspired when I packed it, but I was not complaining while shoving those greens in my face.  My mouth was too full to say anything.

Because I was feeling so yucky that morning, I decided our dinner protein would be some Aidell’s chicken apple sausage.  No work required.  But because the dirt, the sunshine and 7 hours of physical activity make me happy, we decided to grill what is usually a standby meal.  We grilled two sweet potatoes, a Vidalia onion, all 5 sausages and a peach.

2014-07-11 20.58.17

I actually ate a lot more than pictured.  Stuff came off the grill at different times and we ate the food when it was hot.  I also sliced some jicama and baked chips while the coals turned white.  Hubs and I wolfed those down in seconds.  He admitted to liking a new vegetable.  Success!  Is jicama a vegetable?  Is it a root?  I really should know this.

It was a beautiful, slightly breezy evening and the view from the deck is blissful.  I only thought about beer once and then realized it would not have made the night any better.




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