Days 12 and 13, Three Small Surprises and One Huge Thing

Blissful Whole30 sleep is not a promise.  I stared at the ceiling Friday night into Saturday morning and woke up at dawn.  Then I fell back asleep and woke up with just enough time to eat  and rush to yoga.  I didn’t take time to photograph my food first.

For breakfast I had a chicken sausage, a peach half and sweet potato chunks, leftover from Friday night’s dinner on the grill.  No time for eggs.  I washed it down with some bulletproof coffee.  Some fellow Whole30ers on Facebook shared they drink their BPC with cocoa powder.  Small surprise number one: I can drink something unsweetened with cocoa powder without turning my mouth inside out with bitterness.

I kicked ASS in yoga yesterday.  If yoga PRs were a thing, I would’ve had a few.  Stay in wheel or come down and take a break.  I’ll stay, I’m good.  Shoulder stand or headstand.  Duh!  I kicked my legs up in the air right next to Mr. Sexy Back Muscles.  Twist to the right.  Don’t mind if I do.  Hellooooo Mr. Sexy Back Muscles.  Crow. I lasted a whole 1.3874 seconds in crow, which is precisely one second longer than my previous crow PR.

I like to think the bulletproof coffee had something to do with it.

I had my ubiquitous PWO meal and lunch was a salad with mixed greens, a can of soy-free tuna, cherry tomatoes and some runny homemade mayo for dressing.  I was going to snap a picture but I think you know what salad with tuna looks like.

Hubs and I decided we wanted to have our favorite friends over for dinner.  I had too much to eat but I stayed compliant.  We had grilled chicken thighs with Damn Fine Chicken marinade, grilled squash with a really similar marinade, deviled eggs, chicken sausage, fried plantains and too many of the steamed shrimp our friends brought.  Speaking of Damn Fine Chicken, my now go-to marinade is oil, vinegar, coconut aminos and fish sauce.  Who knew it would be so delicious? I drank ginger water with orange slices while everyone else had beer.  Small surprise number two:  not once did I wish I could have beer.  That would have been huge a few weeks ago, yesterday I just kinda noticed.

I had to wake up early for church this morning.  I set my alarm to give myself enough time to sit down and eat food on a plate, but the snooze button had other plans.  I sliced a leftover chicken sausage and threw it in a tupperware with the last of my sweet potato chunks. I ate while driving and drinking BPC from my Ninja smoothie cup.

My church volunteer duties are reasonably physical and I usually treat myself at the snack table before service.  I grabbed a water and a bag of almonds.  This, friends, is One Huge Thing.  I ate about 5 almonds, realized I wasn’t hungry, and tossed the bag in the garbage.  Who is this girl typing away right now?  I promised myself during this Whole30 that I would not snack on nuts.  Nuts and nut butter are my food without brakes.  Did the BPC crush my appetite or does the Whole30 have supernatural powers?  I’ll give credit to both.

I was hungry when we got home so I grabbed yet another chicken sausage and had it with a peach and some steamed brocc and cauli from the neverending Costco-sized bag in the freezer.

After lunch I went to my favorite farmers’ market.  A terribly popular food blogger who lives in this city completely disses my favorite market because not all the stalls are occupied by local farmers.  Know what?  I don’t care.  It’s obvious that a stall with bananas is not peddling locally-grown food.  It’s not hard to figure out who is selling local stuff and who is selling grocery-store produce for about half of what it costs in a grocery store with climate control and walls.  It doesn’t take a genius.  I get in-season stuff from the farmers and out of season stuff from the not farmers.


See all those beautiful tomatoes?  The zippy gentlemen with no teeth in the dirty overalls filled my bag with a bunch of those after I paid him.  Those are two dozen eggs gathered yesterday and they have poopy stuff on them!  (A true test of egg freshness.)  And it’s July in the Carolinas.  Not getting a bunch of peaches would be a crime of nature.  The popular food blogger lady who disses my favorite farmers’s market can suck it.  I don’t really mean that.  I bet she’s lovely.

I have no idea how much this cost because I just grabbed the wad of cash I collect when I wash Hubs’s pants.  I got what I wanted and ran out of money.  In that order. Score.

For dinner I made Eggplant Strata from Well Fed.  Sorry, the recipe does not appear to be available online.  You’ll just have to buy the book.

2014-07-13 18.55.10

Serves 6-8.  That’s a lie.  Serves two hungry adults with just enough left for lunch the next day.

Have you ever had eggplant parm, no parm?  Do you wonder what the point would be?  I swear on all that is life-changing on a Whole30, we did not miss the parm.  That’s small surprise number 3, or the recipe is just that awesome.

2014-07-13 18.54.42

That, my dear friends, is a picture of the Carolinas in July.

Cue the James Taylor CD, willya?



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