Day 14, Almost Half Way There

Tomorrow I plan to share a list of changes I’ve observed and what I’ve learned during this Whole30.  Today I will offer three confessions:

  1. I’ve stepped on the scale.  A lot.
  2. I use bottled lemon juice with preservatives.
  3. My fish sauce has sugar listed as the last ingredient.

And now on to our regularly-scheduled blog.

This morning I had an omelette with sweet red peppers and asparagus.  I put my tomato on the side because I prefer them raw.  Of course I ate it with some epic bulletproof coffee.

2014-07-14 08.46.21
I did not do a good job scrambling those eggs. Still delish.

See what’s missing from breakfast?  Fruit.  Small surprise:  I didn’t notice the lack of sweet in my meal.  But I did feel a little off during my workout.  I immediately blamed a lack of carbs in my system, but I might try leaving fruit off my breakfast plate and see if my body can adjust.

PWO:  I’m still experimenting with an egg white + starchy vegetable combination that is packable, tastes good and keeps for a few days.  Inspired by the merengue cookie, I whipped some egg whites with mango puree and baked cookie-shaped rounds.  It needs work.  No pictures yet.  I don’t have the recipe quite right yet, but I did snarf down a whole bunch of them after exercising.  This is why I have to put my food on a plate.  I don’t know how many I had.  I also inhaled an entire sweet potato with my bare hands.  It tastes better that way.

Lunch:  Leftover eggplant strata, cucumber and tomato salad with homemade mayo.  It was tasty and filling but lacked excitement.  I had a small handful of cherries and a peach at the end.  That was the only fruit I had today.  Who is this girl?

Dinner:  I defrosted chicken tenderloins this morning thinking I’d bread them with almond meal and bake, but that often disappoints.  I wanted food with grill marks. I busted out my cast iron grill pan and made these lovelies.

2014-07-14 19.39.40

Grilled chicken and just-picked yellow squash made me excited about salad for dinner.  I toasted some sunflower seeds, and filled two bowls with spring mix, cucumber and tomatoes.


Topped with mayo, (not pictured because the picture is prettier that way) this was the perfect summer meal.  Nom nom nom, salad.




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