Day 15, Halfway There if I Stop at 30

As promised, today I am sharing what I’ve observed from day 1 until now.

Well, this.


And this.


Now on to our show.

What I’ve Observed During the First Half of This Whole30

  • Plantar Fasciitis pain is 90% gone.  I still feel a twinge here and there but I’m not hobbling around after every workout.  My compression sock, once a workout essential, was buried under a stinky pile of dirty clothes for days and I didn’t even think about it.
  • Undiagnosed IT band injury/hip pain is 90% gone.  I ignored it forever and considered going to a sports medicine clinic for physical therapy.  Glad I didn’t.
  • Nails are growing faster and stronger.  This can be annoying at times.  I have to keep filing them.
  • Better attitude.  I am just nicer these days.   I could chalk this up to being on summer vacation, but I want to say my food has something to do with it.
  • Rosacea is healing to the point where I go out in public without makeup.  This could be partly due to starting a new medication on day 10, but unlike anything else I’ve tried, it actually works.  I am giving my food partial credit.
  • Skin is less dry and itchy.  I rarely need to apply lotion to my legs, even with increased sun exposure.
  • Increased understanding of what hunger feels like and what it doesn’t feel like.  I could say this is partly because I am under zero stress these days and I eat when I am stressed.  But I believe my food has a lot to do with this.  During my first W30, I sat down and ate 1/3 of a jar of almond butter one day after school.  I told myself that was okay because it was compliant.  Halfway through a second W30 I understand why that wasn’t okay.  That almond butter was an attempt to numb myself.  I didn’t eat it because I was hungry.
  • Workouts are improving.  I grab heavier weights, run faster and have better balance.  A result of this has been increased muscle soreness and waking up feeling like I’m 90.  But still.
  • I am starting to understand why I need to put all my food on a plate before sitting down to eat.  The first few days a voice in my head just kept telling me to put all my food on a plate but I didn’t know why.  Now I get it.  I need a visual of what and how much I’ve eating.  It’s not enough to think I start with protein and fill the rest of my imaginary plate with veg.  I have to actually do it.  No more grabbing one thing at a time and eating without dishes.  One negative result of this is that I have to wash a lot more dishes.  It’s a small price to pay.
  • Most mornings my  fasting blood sugar is under 100, and I’m only giving myself two injections per day.  Not once this month have I needed extra meds to bring down blood sugar.
  • I don’t need snacks.
  • I write really long bulleted lists.

And since I’m giving my food credit for all these changes, here’s what I ate today.

Breakfast:  a peach and basil omelette with a side of cherry tomatoes and bulletproof coffee.



Yesterday I thought about skipping fruit with breakfast, but this morning I wanted peaches. My workout kicked patootie this morning, so I’m not gonna mess with it. Four one serving of fruit remains part of my breakfast smoothie cup plate.

PWO: slightly different, tastier but not successful sweet potato and egg white rounds.  I can’t call them cookies because that would make them SWYPO.  They tasted really good but stuck to the foil and  didn’t puff up like I wanted.  I will keep working on this.

Lunch: the last of the eggplant strata with homemade pickles.

2014-07-15 10.14.41

Day 3 leftovers in an bento container just aren’t as pretty as this jar of pickles.  These compliant pickles are 1/3 cup organic apple cider vinegar, 5 teaspoons salt, some generous shakes of dill, a few green onion slices and as many cucumber slices as I could jam-pack into the jar.  Yum.

I spent my afternoon shoveling mulch, so a complex dinner was not going to happen.  After a very long bath, I made foil packs with salmon, asparagus, red pepper strips and orange slices.  I seasoned the salmon and veg with coconut aminos and ghee at the end because I forgot to add it before throwing the packs in the oven.  I cooked this at 375 for 30 minutes.  I think it would have been better at 400 because it was slightly more undercooked than I like it.  I also ate a tomato and a peach with my hands and tons of unladylike slurping sounds.

It wasn't as undercooked as it looks in this picture.
It wasn’t as undercooked as it looks in this picture.


And this is my dog watching us eat.

Share, mommy.  Mommy you never share.  I want some of your food mommy.
Share, mommy. Mommy you never share. I want some of your food mommy.



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