Day 16, Sweet Potatoes All Day Long

When I woke up this morning I did not want to cook.  Eggs again?  No thanks and you can’t make me.  In fact, I really wanted to rebel this morning and not have any protein at all.  I compromised and ended up with yesterday’s failed work in progress sweet potato and egg white puffs, an avo half, peach, cherry tomatoes from the garden and my Ninja cup of bulletproof coffee.

20140716_085258Ohhh, not quite.  There was something very wrong with that avocado.  Blech.  This was a carb-heavy breakfast for a Whole30, but I just couldn’t stomach another veggie omelette.

This morning I puttered around in the garden, took a quick trip to the store and made a huge mess in the kitchen.  Slightly concerned that I didn’t get enough fuel to make it through my workout, I ate this sweet potato about 25 minutes before I hit the gym.


Yep, I ate this bad boy right out of the fridge, with my hands, while driving.  Not my best W30 moment, but I was glad I did.

My favorite gym instructor took us outside to do athletic conditioning.  Noon.  July.  North Carolina.  Laps.  50 burpees.  Sprints.  HOT.  Endless push-ups.  Sweet potato power!

Before my workout I packed bento lunches for Hubs and I.  I made cold salmon salad using canned wild salmon, cucumber, onion, dill and enough homemade mayo to hold it all together.  I piled this on some spring mix and served it with homemade pickles, tomatoes and a few cherries.  I was going to take a picture before eating, but I was halfway through when I remembered.  I liked it, but Hubs complained about bones through the whole meal, pausing only to complain about my pickles being too sour.  Then he rolled his eyes at me when I told him he was hard to please.


I knew I’d be landscaping all afternoon and too tired to cook tonight, so I went ahead and threw dinner in the Crockpot before work.  Tonight’s dinner was inspired by a text from my fabulous friend Sue, chicken tikka masala.  I was skeptical because I generally don’t like Indian food, but she insisted it’s delish.  If I could talk her into bulletproof coffee, she can talk me into cooking Indian food.

The original recipe can be found here, and most the substitutions that follow were Sue’s idea.

She told me the dish is traditionally served with naan, but I could try it with cauliflower tortillas.  Mmmm, no cauli and no time to mess with all the chopping.  But I could make jicama chips!  I’m a genius!  I peeled and sliced a jicama so they’d be ready to go in the oven at dinnertime.

I had 5 chicken thighs in my Costco-pack so I used those instead of the 8 called for in the recipe.  More sauce, yay!  I put them in the bottom of the crock and in sprinkled some lemon juice.  I also got some sweet potatoes roasting in the convection oven.

I cooked the aromatics exactly as explained in the recipe, in the microwave.  This seemed beyond wrong, but I didn’t have 20 minutes to cook onions and garlic on the stove.  Then I added the tomatoes, dumped it all in the crock and went about my day.  I used a can of regular diced tomatoes, the remains of a can of tomato tomato paste and skipped the cayenne.  Hubs doesn’t like heat.

I started to get really skeptical about this recipe.  Sue told me she added sweet potatoes and they made the dish.  Sweet potatoes and tomatoes?  It was also the first time I ever used garam masala.  It smelled like cardamom, coriander and cinnamon.  With chicken and tomatoes?  Doubt creeped in and I started to think about dinner plan B.

But when I got home, the house smelled like Crockpot heaven.  I quickly got cleaned up, sprinkled my jicama slices with garam masala, popped them in the oven and stirred the coconut cream into the chicken.  I couldn’t get myself to add sweet potatoes to the crock, so I cut one in half, sliced it and put it in the bottom of my bowl.  I wanted to be able to fish them out easily because I couldn’t wrap my head around all the flavors.

But I soldiered on and added topped my sweet potato chunks with chicken, the spicy, creamy tomatoes and garnished my bowl with chopped basil leaves and jicama chips.

2014-07-16 19.31.34

I was wrong about sweet potatoes and tomatoes.  My eyes and my mouth thought this was per-fect.

Even my Hubs liked it.






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