Day 21: I’m back!

I needed a little break from blogging over the weekend.

But I will share two highlights:

  • I ate a restaurant meal and stayed compliant.  We decided our best bet would be a steakhouse.  Good decision, because I was able to order a plain steak with just grill seasoning, served with a salad and steamed broccoli.  Salad dressing was olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  No bread landed on the table, and I didn’t miss what I didn’t see.  The salad arrived with croutons and cheese, but it was easy to slide that stuff on the bread plate.
  • Hubs and I went to the movies at one of those full restaurant and bar movie theaters.  I ordered water.  I may or may not have snuck a baggie of mixed nuts in my purse.  Hubs ordered a baked potato with bacon and an adult beverage.  I had a bite of his potato and it was an epic disappointment.

Back to cooking today, yay!

Breakfast was an omelette with 1/2 of an Aidell’s chicken apple sausage and tomatoes from the garden.  I had a peach too.

2014-07-21 21.26.56

Hubs and I had a lunchtime appointment at the house, barely an hour after I got home from the gym.  Lunch was a reheated bowl of chocolate chili before the meeting and a handful of nuts with some fresh cherries after the meeting.  Not my best Whole30 moment, but sometimes life happens.

I redeemed myself this evening.  Before going the gym I was able to dunk a pork tenderloin in some marinade, so dinner was a snap when we got home from work.  I wanted to grill the pork, but I have a bad habit of leaving lighters outside.  No fire for us.  Pork went in the oven.

Dinner was rosemary balsamic pork tenderloin with pressure cooker crispy potatoes and a green salad.  I wasn’t that excited about potatoes becoming W30 compliant until today.  Sincerely and without hyperbole, those were arguably the best potatoes I ever tasted.  They got all nice and fluffy-steamy in the pressure cooker, crispy in the frying pan, and then that perfect bite of freshness with the parsley and lemon at the end.  Yes, making them required a lot of dishes but those potatoes are one hundred percent worth the effort.  Potatoes are supposed to be a sometimes food anyway.  I will sometimes bother with washing the pressure cooker and frying pan to make a side dish.

2014-07-21 21.08.56

Since I ended up baking the pork, I dumped all the contents of the ziplock bag into a baking dish and let it rip in the oven.  When it was finished, I put the pork under a tinfoil blankie to rest, and poured the pan juices mixed with the marinade in a measuring cup.  I gave the chunky liquid a quick zap with the immersion blender and had instant gravy to pour over the pork.  Yums!

Tomorrow is Hubs and my anniversary, and we already planned to grill steak.  But I have a lot of leftover pork.  I see some pork lo mein with eggplant noodles in the near future.



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