Day 22: Anniversary Dinner, Whole30 Style

Hubs and I entered into holy and legal matrimony 14 years ago yesterday.  We had barely entered adulthood.

I started our special day with baked eggs.  I lined two ramekins with cooking spray (olive oil in a misto) and a slice of prosciutto, filled the cups with leftover potatoes, dropped an egg in each and baked for 20 minutes.  Hubs entered the kitchen asking what was available for breakfast, and since I was in such generous anniversary spirits, I gave him one.


Step 1:  take picture.  Step 2: eat.
Step 1: take picture. Step 2: eat.

I am over omelets, but perfectly okay with baked eggs.  And since I can’t find bacon without sugar and nitrates anywhere, cooked prosciutto comes pretty darn close.

I wasn’t sure if one egg and one skinny slice of fancy Italian ham was enough fuel to get through a kickboxing class, but it was.  I found myself struggling about halfway in, but then I realized I had 3-lb weights in my hand.  I’ve been using 2-lbs all summer until last week when I started switching between 2s and 3s.  Baked egg and salty pork power!

Lunch was a salad I threw together before tackling some errands: salad with olives, trek mix and homemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  I have checked that bottle of balsamic at least 17 times to see if it has added sugar.  Since when was vinegar so sweet?  And remember when I said I wouldn’t snack on nuts during this W30?  I rationalized that I wasn’t snacking; I was having nuts with my meal.  At least I picked out the non-compliant dried fruit and candied ginger.

2014-07-23 08.45.46

We decided over the weekend that our anniversary dinner would be better at home.  Restaurant food almost always disappoints, especially during a W30.  I was determined to made something memorable.

I had two eggplants in the fridge reserved for veggie noodles, but then I had an idea to make a veggie and dip tray.  I sized up what I had and made this work of art.2014-07-23 08.45.27

That’s baba ganoush (aka eggplant hummus), nori chipshomemade pickles, jicama chips, olives and cherry tomatoes.  That’s what I had, although some bell pepper strips and unpickled cucumber slices would have been an excellent addition.

On a totally random note, I don’t have any unpickled cucumbers because it has been a  strangely slow year for garden cucumbers.  The few I have picked were round, like mini-watermelons.  Yesterday I found something strange in my cucumber tower, a honeydew melon. Trippy.  This is why I buy my plants at my school’s ag class plant sale instead of Home Depot.  You never know what you’re gonna harvest.

This was followed by some beautiful steaks I grilled, so beautiful that I was mesmerized and forgot to take a picture.  I served them up with some satueed spinach, which tasted a lot better than it looked, so I feel less bad about denying you a picture.

I wanted dessert on our anniversary.  Yeah, I know, dessert isn’t allowed during a W30.  But I found an avocado chocolate mousse recipe that calls for no added sugar.  We love avocado chocolate mousse with sugar, so I thought I’d give this a try.  The recipe I used called for ripe bananas.  I was a little unsure if that would make it sweet enough, so I added a few dates to the mix too.  Whole30 confession: I tasted it and added a scant 1/4c of sugar to the mix and processed it a little more.  This needs time in the fridge, I thought, and poured the mix in some margarita glasses to chill.  After we stuffed ourselves with steak and veggies we tried to shove in some chocolate mousse.  No thanks.  Blech.

Avocado + banana+ cocoa powder = no thank you.

The Whole30 gods are smiling at me.  I tried to cheat and I couldn’t.  Success!




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