Day 23: I Burpeed

Unlike my last Whole30, eating like this has just become what I do.  I’m not counting down to when I can have beer again or using inappropriate language because I can’t put cheese on anything.

Cheese.  Meh.

I started my day with my new favorite, baked eggs.  I lined a small baking dish with two slices of prosciutto, added some garden tomatoes and leftover sauteed spinach, cracked two eggs on top and baked at 400 for 20 minutes.  I think 15 minutes would’ve been better.  I had this with a side of pineapple and avocado.  You know those skull-sized avocados that are watery and taste like melons?  It was one of those, since they were the same price as the regular ones.

2014-07-24 08.39.54

Am I tired of eggs?  A little.  I wasn’t in love with pumpkin souffle and I’ve never been a fan of dinner leftovers for breakfast.  Maybe post W30 I can go back to paleo breakfast cookies or muffins.  But then I will miss eggs.

I went to the gym after working playing in the garden. (I live in an urban area in the US and own land.  For me, having a garden is a hobby; in much of the world it’s survival.  I refuse to think gardening is a chore.  It’s a joyous opportunity to connect with the earth.  Yes, I’m weird and off-task.)

Oh yeah, the gym.  I did circuit training, 20 one-minute circuits with 5 burpees in between each circuit.  I’m used to running laps between circuits.  At first I thought this was a break, then I realized that 5 x 20 = one hundred effing burpees?!?  With the effing pushup?  That’s insane  no way  suck it up  Hells yeah!

Is any fuel after a hundred effing burpees a cheat?  I know I’m not supposed to drink my food and I know starchy veg is better than fruit post workout.  But there’s a time to reap, a time to sow and a time to make a protein shake.  I blended 1/2 frozen banana, a whole mango, a generous pour of egg whites and just enough light coconut milk.  Three weeks into a W30, and that tasted sweeter than birthday cake with cool whip icing.  If raw egg whites sounds in a protein shake sounds gross, it’s because you’ve never done it.  I promise, you’d never know.  And you get to pretend you’re Rocky for a minute.

Then I went to work.  I ran dogs up and down the hill and then I finally finished the landscaping project I started over a week ago.

Lunch was a bento box with salad, leftover baba ganoush as dressing and a few slices of pork tenderloin.  I also brought orange and kiwi slices for Hubs and I to share.  Too much fruit?  Did you do a hundred effing burpees and then shovel mulch?

I stayed at work longer than planned so I whipped up a simple dinner.  I cooked some garden squash and eggplant in the grill pan and warmed up pork tenderloin slices.  Baba ganoush on grilled squash is amazing.  I put some on my eggplant and realized I eat eggplant with my eggplant.

2014-07-24 08.39.33

I might have still been hungry after dinner and may have eaten a handful of nuts on the couch while watching a movie.

But I did a hundred effing burpees.



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