Day 28: Back in the Whole30 Life Again

I celebrated my 40th birthday on day 26.  The following is an interview I conducted with myself about my birthday shenanigans.

Did you cheat?  yes.

Was it with alcohol?  no.

Was it a gross binge-fest?  nope.  I had a small serving of birthday cake and chocolate ice cream.

Did you enjoy it?  meh.  It didn’t feel like food.  It was weird to eat something that required no effort.  Whole30 food requires chewing and eating it feels like nourishment.  The cake just felt like mouth entertainment.

Are you starting over?  I was going to go another 30 days anyway.

Do you feel any affects?  I woke up with wheat belly.  Plantar fasciitis flared and undiagnosed IT band injury started to hurt again.  I don’t know if it’s gluten, dairy or sugar that causes it.  Probably all 3.

What did you eat today?  Aha!  Perfect segue into today’s blog post.

Breakfast:  Two eggs over easy over a bed of leftover pineapple fried rice.  A small handful of cherries and a big cup of bulletproof coffee not pictured.

2014-07-28 21.52.11

PWO:  Sweet potato chews (slices of roasted and semi-dehydrated sweet potatoes) and a protein shake.  I know, I know, I know.  I’m not supposed to drink my food on a Whole30.  But egg whites are an easy lean protein.  This shake is about 1/3 cup egg whites, a frozen banana, a big handful of kale and a short pour of light coconut milk.  Is it really that bad if I put extra greens in my liquid food?

2014-07-28 21.51.53

Lunch:  Salad in a bento box with spring mix, tomatoes, mini-peppers, cucumber slices, Wild Planet tuna, and avo half, black olives and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  I did not have (sugary) fruit with my lunch.  Score!

Some reader will argue that cucumbers, avocados, peppers, tomatoes and olives are all fruits.  I will call you a smartass.

2014-07-28 21.51.07

Dinner:  Mixed squash noodles with shrimp and dried-tomato infused olive oil.  Ohhh, fancy.

I got a new zoodler for my birthday.  I would’ve been thrilled with the $14.99 Vegetti, but my sweet Hubs bought me the Gefu Spiralfix.  This thing is amazeballs.  Look what it did to my yellow squash and calabacita.

2014-07-28 21.51.39Calabacita is just a fancy word for Mexican zucchini.  It’s a little bit bigger and the skin is a lighter shade of green.  That’s why I like to use it for zoodles.

2014-07-28 21.51.22
This little squishy-face helped me with the veggie scraps.

I spiraled my squash earlier this morning, massaged a palmful of salt in it and let it sit in a colander for about 20 minutes to let excess water release.  Then I gave it a good rinse and let it sit in the fridge for most of the day, still in the colander so any more water could drain.  I also defrosted some raw shrimp.

I had leftover tomato slices from my birthday party.  I previously dehydrated them overnight and let them soak in light olive oil for about 24 hours.

2014-07-28 21.50.49

When I got home from work today, I dumped the contents of the ramekin in the Ninja and let it rip.

2014-07-28 21.50.32

I added the tomato oil to my skilled, added a chopped clove of garlic, and when it was hot I cooked my shrimp and seasoned it with salt and pepper.  I only cooked it for about one minute on each side.  I can’t stand overcooked shrimp.


Then I added my zoodles.  I didn’t add salt in case I didn’t rinse well enough after the salt  scrub this morning.


Next I added semi-dehydrated cherry tomatoes and gave the whole dish a generous squeeze of lemon.  Zoodles only need a few minutes to cook.

2014-07-28 21.50.10

I put a huge pile in my bowl and garnished it with chopped parsley.

2014-07-28 21.49.51

And I inhaled it (while being mindful, present and in the full spirit of Whole30 mealtime.)

That tomato oil is so delicious I already have another sliced tomato in the dehydrator so I can make more.

When I finish my current batch, I’m going to make dried-tomato mayo.

What would you do with dried-tomato oil? 


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