Day 30: How Did This Happen?

Please excuse the narcissism.


I can’t help it.

Screen shot 2014-07-30 at 2.53.54 PM

And here’s my food recap of days 29-30.

Breakfast:  Veggie omelette with onion, chopped mini-peppers and dehydrated cherry tomatoes.  Fried plantains and bulletproof coffee on the side.


PWO:  A protein shake with a frozen banana, 1/3 cup egg whites, light coconut milk and 1/2 scoop super greens powder because I’m out of kale.  The banana really helped disguise the taste and smell of the powdered greens.

2014-07-30 15.09.00

Lunch:  A really big salad that has no photo.  I had spring mix, sweet potato chews, tomatoes, homemade pickles, a whole avo, sunflower seeds and leftover seared bok choy.  I had this with a side of pineapple rings.  The meal was a little high in fat, but it kept me fueled during a busy shift at work.

Dinner:  Aidell’s sausage, garden squash and pineapple cooked on the grill.  I also had a sweet potato cake and some pickles.

The sweet potato cakes were supposed to be inspiralized buns, but uhhh, this is real life.  Mine didn’t quite turn out Pinterest-worthy.  I used my spiralizer to make sweet potato noodles (which took some muscle), steam-sauteed the noodles, added an egg and garam masala.  Then I made rounds with a silicone mold.  I did this before work and let the rounds chill in the fridge.  I made 4 of them.


The sweet potato rounds spent too much time in the fridge with only a piece of parchment covering them.  They looked a little gray when I got home.

I fried them in a cast iron skillet with coconut oil before dinner.  They were definitely not a bun, but I probably will play around with this again.

Meanwhile Hubs manned the grill.


And this was my plate.  The pineapple was still cooking.


Leftovers were a great egg-free breakfast this morning.


I haven’t had anything but water since breakfast.  I exercised outside and my body really wasn’t digging it.  All I wanted to do was puke behind a tree.  But I knew I’d be disappointed in myself if I quit.  That whole ‘listen to your body’ wisdom?  Ummm, yeah.

Maybe I should go eat something.


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