Day 8, Mostly Success With a Big Fat Fail

Yesterday I spent $20 at an Asian/Hispanic grocery and I forgot to get eggs.  That leaves $95 and I’m getting low on protein.

I woke up thinking I’d be okay with a can of tuna and some raw spinach, but Hubs asked me if I’d make him some eggs.  So I made him a spinach omelette and then decided it would easy enough to make one for myself.  I had the same with some pineapple slices and an avo half, which is very much a 2-color meal.

2014-07-08 23.31.09

Before my workout I made more cauliflower tortillas, thinner and slightly bendier this time, and packed a taco party for us to have at work.  We had leftover taco meat and toppings (avocado, lime, lettuce, tomatoes, green olives, jalapeños and cilantro), tortillas and some pineapple slices.  Yum, even in a break room.

2014-07-08 23.31.35

No need to talk about how I feel at the gym anymore.  I feel fine.  Does my body switch to using fat as fuel this quickly?  No complaints here.

Post-workout I was excited to whip up a delicious combination of sweet potatoes and egg whites.  I even had pictures of each step and was ready to blow your minds with a fluffy sweet potato mousse.  Fail.  I wanted to cut down on the amount of kitchen tools required to make it, so I left the Kitchen-Aid in the cabinet and tried to beat egg whites with a stick blender.  The stick blender got too hot and smelled like burning plastic before I got soft peaks.  Then I used the hand mixer because I didn’t want to start another bowl.  I got stiff egg whites, but the whole thing collapsed when I added the sweet potato and banana puree.  What I ate post-workout was tasty, but it was cold soup, not a fluffy mousse.  Also, next-day banana in the fridge does not look appealing.  It’s not a lovely orange color.  I will keep working on this.  I will also rejoin Team Kitchen-Aid in my next attempt.

I wanted to grill wings and pineapple (again) for dinner.  As soon as I got home I got the grill going and parboiled 12 wings for 7 minutes.  Then I grilled them for about 15 minutes, brushing on bottled bbq sauce for Hubs and compliant Buffalo sauce for me, Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and ghee!  Tastes like yummy bar food!  Unfortunately the wing skin did not crisp up like I hoped parboiling would do.  The wings were smoky and flavorful, but I wanted crunchy skin.  I’ll keep working on this.  We chowed down on the wings with some spinach salad with homemade mayo and some grilled pineapple.

Have I mentioned that Hubs and I have been discussing what we’re going to have for our anniversary dinner?  Eating out did not sound appealing as it’s expensive, the food generally disappoints, and options are limited on a W30.  We decided to have crab legs and sushi.  But we also thought we (ahem, I) should practice making sushi before our anniversary so our meal on our day isn’t goofy.  I stopped at an Asian/Hispanic grocery store on my way home from work and got some Nori sheets.  I wanted to get some wasabi too, so I asked a non-uniformed Hispanic gentleman who searched all the corners of the store and told me they didn’t have any.  The sweet Asian girl at the checkout told me I also needed a bamboo mat so I grabbed one of those too.  I also picked up some frozen shrimp, jicama, more avocados (for $.99, not $.69 like at my favorite Hispanic grocery store) and a bag of salad.  One thing I love about international grocery stores is the aisles upon aisles of bulk produce, mostly unknown to me, and a tiny corner reserved for “Dole Salads.”

Do you ever shop in International grocery stores?  The route from my house to work goes through less posh areas of the city, so I have several options without going out of my way.  I love it.  I love the smells, the chaos, the lack of what I perceive as a logical sequence of aisles.  It’s a mini-adventure walking down the aisles and asking myself, “what the hell is this?” looking at 90% of the products.  I love observing the diversity of shoppers.  I would say Food Lion can suck it for being boring, but as a member of the majority population, Food Lion is predictable and has most of what I need.  I love Aldi for stocking up on dirt-cheap produce and some protein, like prosciutto, frozen shrimp and wild-caught salmon.  Costco is the bomb for organic chicken, grass-fed beef, healthy oils and a free lunch when I’m not doing a W30.

Enough about shopping.  Stay tuned because I’m making sushi later and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.


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